September 17 – 18 Provincial Novice Championship

Congratulations to our Club members Joy Barbisan, Rob Barbisan and Cathy Kuhrt for representing our Club and District at the Provincial Novice Championship held in Belleville.

Congratulations to Cathy Kuhrt on achieving Bronze.

September 15th Men’s Night League

Mens Night Champion Liam O’Neil                           Mens Night Washer Upper Lawrence Kane

September 15th  Ladies Day League

Ladies Day Champion: Patricia Warren 2nd: Jennifer Aziz 3rd: Marva Taylor 4th: Kathy Percival 5th: Wendy Stirrat

September 11 – 14th Para-Bowls Canadian Championships

Congratulations to our fellow Club member, Chelsea Robertson, who participated in the Para-Bowls Canadian Championships in Windsor, Ontario, representing our Club. The event was a great success and the VERY FIRST of its kind in Canada!  Athletes from different provinces were able to come together to highlight their skills – demonstrating their ability to play and compete at the National level. It’s wonderful to see a future of inclusivity in our sport of lawn bowling!


September 11th Club Championships

Men’s Semi-Finalists
Schalk Mouton, Craig Harrison, Patrick Cote, Chris Curran

Patrick Cote, Craig Harrison

Patrick Cote


September 11th District Novice Championships

Congratulations to Cathy Kuhrt and Rob Barbisan who won the District Novice Championships!


August 31st Women’s Triples

1st 3 Game – Patricia Warren, Suzette Chen, Marva Taylor – Oakville 3rd 2 Game – Dianne Trask, Brenda Wilson, Meredith  Bee – Milton – Donna McCallum, Mary Meldrum, Brenda T – Georgetown 2nd 2 Game – Jennifer Aziz, Anne Wilkinson, Cathy Kuhrt – Oakville – Sharon Costescu, Linda Dickson, Peggy Matheson – Port Credit High in Last  – Lynda Miller, Sharon Keen, Jeanette Freude – Milton – Monica Anderson, Anne McNeil, Kay Rice – Brampton 1st 2 Game – Maureen Black, Bette Piccoli, Trish Hyland – Oakville High 1 Game – Betty Goldie, Marilyn Pickett, Helen McDowell – Milton


August 27th Club Mixed Triples Tournament

First Place
Patricia Warren, David Billington, Jeanette McGregor
Second Place
John Oldham, Helen Byrnes, Eric Rasmussen
Third Place
Cathy Kuhrt, Anne Scott, Trevor Macintyre (left early)
High Second Game Score
Phyllis Gould, Lawrence Kane, Marianne Elias


August 20th District Women’s Triples

Congratulations to  to our District Women’s Triples winners: Cathy Kuhrt, Anne Wilkinson, and Jennifer Aziz. Good luck at the Provincials in Tilbury!


August 13 and 14th Club Novice Championships

Congratulations to everyone who competed in the 2022 Club Novice Championships: we had 16 men and 15 ladies, including four junior boys and five junior girls playing. We had two beautiful days of bowling with the top 8 players competing on Sunday in the playoffs.
Congratulations goes to Joy Barbisan and Craig Harrison who are this year’s champions.
The rest of the playoff results are as follows:
2nd: Mark Majewski
3rd: Gary Kuhrt
4th: Rob  Barbisan
5th: Jack Reistetter
6th: Schalk  Mouton
7th: Dekker LY
8th: Eric Rasmussen
2nd: Jennifer Aziz
3rd: Cathy Kuhrt
4th: Hannah Haviland
5th: Pat Pincock
6th: Ella Conlin
7th: Danielle Harrison
8th: Veronica McLean
A special thank you to all the markers and to those in the kitchen who provided drinks and snacks.
We wish our members who are participating in the District Championships the best of luck!


August 10th Milton Ladies Triples

Congratulations to Joy Barbisan, Jennifer Aziz and Anne Wilkinson for winning the Women’s Triples in Milton.


August 6th Junior Nationals 

The 2022 Youth Nationals concluded Saturday August 6 with three medals for our club:
U18 Girls 4th: Ella Hammond
U18 Girls Bronze: Ella Conlin
U18 Boys 4th: Dekker Ly
And a special mention to our first-year bowler, Hannah Haviland, who placed 5th in U18 Girls.
We are all so proud of your accomplishments!
A special thank you to our coaches: Jennifer Aziz, Anne Wilkinson, Cathy Kuhrt, Joy Barbisan and Patrick Cote.
We look forward to an even better year in 2023.


August 3rd Women’s Triples

. 1st 3 Game – Betty Goldie, Diane Trask, Brenda Wilson – Milton 2nd 3 Game – Linda Dickson, Y Wond, Gloria Corrigan – Port Credit 1st 2 Game – Jennifer Aziz, Ann Wilkinson, Cathy Kuhrt – Oakville 2nd 2 Game – Lynda Miller, Patricia Warren, Dorothy Taylor – Milton High 1 Game – Irene l’anson, Margaret Leohardt, Dorothy McIntyre – Burlington High in Last Game – Patricia Jenner, Janet Stang, Marva Taylor – Oakville


July 15th Revera/RBC Corporate Event

The Mayor dropped by the Club during our Corporate Event and while he was there enjoying the activities he praised volunteers and the important role they play in our community. Oakville Mayor Rob Burton with some of our hardworking Club volunteers! From left to right: Joe Redman, Kong Chen, Suzette Chen, Mayor Rob Burton, Chris Curran, Geoff Dunlop, and Barry Smith.


July 6th Women’s Triples

. 1st 3 Game – Lynda Miller, Sharon, Keen, Dorothy Taylor – Milton 2nd 3 Game – Christine Wild, Marilyn Meyers, Helen McDowell – Milton 1st 2 Game – Jennifer Aziz, Anne Wilkinson, Cathy Kuhrt – Oakville High 1 Game – Joy Barbisan, Trish Hyland, Maureen Black – Oakville High in Last Game – Sharon Costecscu, Peggy Matheson, Linda Dixon – Port Credit


Jade Hilton Photo Shoot

A picture from a recent photo shoot for Jade Hilton that was held at the Clubhouse. Jade is making an album. You can visit her on Facebook, iTunes , YouTube etc. .


Canada Day 2022


June 25th Club Tournament

Congratulations to all the prize winners!

1st Place: Barry Smith, Trish Hyland and Craig Harrison
2nd Place: Jennifer Aziz, Suzette Chen and Schalk Moulton
3rd Place: Lawrence Kane, Carole Dalby and Shirley Clarke
1 Game High: Joe Redman, Liam O’Neal and Edith Bazylo
Spider Contest: Jon Snelson
Hit the Jack Contest: Lawrence Kane and Trish Hyland
Thanks to Revera who sponsored our tournament and provided the lunch. Our club decided to donate the sponsor money towards the prizes. Also thanks to our many volunteers who stepped up to help out at the tournament and made it a success.


June 24th Burlington Triples Tournament

Congratulations to our Men’s team who came 1st – winning all three games Skip: Chris Curran Vice: Kong Chen Lead: Barry Smith
Congratulations to our members who came in 3rd Skip: Sophie Burrows- Burlington club Vice: Mary Coucoularis- Oakville Club Lead: Angie Jago – Oakville Club


2021 Club Singles Champions

2021 Womens Singles: Zeljka Misura (defending Champion)
2021 Mens Singles: Chris Curran


August 7th Club Tournament

1st Place Pat Jenner, Cathy Kuhrt, Aaron Conlin
2nd  Place Jennifer Aziz, Barry Smith, Nadya MacNeil
3rd Place John Wright, Mark Cox, Malca Crotty
Second Game High John Stirrat, Joe Redman, Pat DeMille
Spider Contest John Oldham
Hit the Jack Contest Lonnie Bewick