Easy Pivot Method Roulette Video Game Technique

Pivot video game method

The Pivot method is based on the repeating of the extractions that are generally duplicated in the game of live roulette, the pivot technique consists in making a note of the numbers that come out until a number is repeated two times, this number will be the pivot.

Let’s assume that our pivot number is number 8. We will wager on number 8 for 36 successive times or until it comes out once again.

The value of your stake should always be the very same bitcoin online casino. Hitting a full number, the dealer pays 35/1, so if our pivot number comes up within 36 bets we will have a profit (we will come even if our pivot number comes out on the 36th spin). Clearly the earlier our pivot number comes out, the greater our earnings will be.

Naturally, once it is launched it is ineffective to continue the bet on 8, we will need to determine another pivot and adopt the same concept.

In the occasion that you play the roulete online, always remember who the wheel spins specifically for you, so it may become hard to recognize the pivot number, in order not to have losses and to examine the routine cycles of roulette, you should wager one chip on red and among the exact same worth on black, basic but efficient.

You will not lose anything unless 0 shows up however this occurs extremely rarely (it has a 1 in 37 opportunity of coming out) and you will have the opportunity to observe the pattern and determine the pivot number.

Attempt this method in the free version and you will see that it is a lot easier to win with virtual roulette than with the live roulette of a genuine casino.

Progressive system to win at virtual Live roulette

The Progressive method is a game system with a possibility of winning over 70%, very easy to adopt to evade the live roulette of virtual casinos.

All the most popular techniques are based on the study of roulette cycles, however when playing online live roulette it is difficult to confirm this without wagering, as in online video games the wheel spins only for you. Consequently, a rule to embrace might be the following: play a chip on red and one of the exact same worth on black, by doing so you will not lose anything unless 0 turns up but this seldom happens (remember that the likelihood that bait 0 is 1 out of 36), in this method you can observe the progress of the wheel.

You have to wait for 5 games in a row to come out, for example 5 red numbers in a row, or 5 black numbers in a row, or 5 even numbers in a row or 5 odd numbers. According to the law of large numbers, it is tough for a color to come out for the sixth time after being released 5 times in a row (although it can happen).: if black comes 5 successive times, we bet on red.
The progressive method is widely used by online live roulette players, and is winning in 70% of cases, the gain is low however whoever is satisfied wins!

Winning adjustment to the Garcia system

Modification of the Garcia system, variation of the technique to win at roulette: first off we act on the first part of the system by embracing the trunk upright 1, 2, 4 rather of the 1, 3, 7 that Garcia used. In this method all groups of one, two and 3 will provide only one piece of winning, but the groups of four will give 7 pieces of loss instead of eleven and, consequently, in the case of a long stay, waiting on the series of seven appear, the overdraft column will rise much less rapidly enabling for much higher resistance.

We leave it to the gamer to perform the relevant experiments.

In this adjustment of the Garcia system we can do a lot more: if we embrace the whip 1, 1, 2. In this way the intermittences will offer us a piece of earnings, the groups of twos and 3s will give neither earnings nor loss, however the groups of four will just provide four pieces of loss and the overdraft column will increase a lot more slowly enabling tremendously greater resistance.

A tip, attempt it now !!