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The facility would charge patients about $1,000 per day out of pocket if treatment is not covered by insurance. McDonald said industry-standard in-patient treatment costs between $1,000 and $4,000 per day.

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At Eco Sober House, we aim to provide the best continuum of care for men, women, and the families who suffer from the horrors of addiction. We believe each individual case needs to be examined uniquely so we develop individualized care plans for each client we see. Charles also had a history of abusing alcohol and prescription painkillers. In Massachusetts, he sought help from Halpern before he was hired by RCA.

Our team of therapists, medical doctors, and clinicians will help you unearth the underlying causes of your substance use. The facility, to be named Bedrock Recovery Center, would be equipped to monitor patients through a weeklong detox and into a month or so of residential treatment. is a referral service that provides information about addiction treatment practitioners and facilities. is not a medical provider or treatment facility and does not provide medical advice.

The building would not need major structural changes, according to ARK. The nursing home was one of five Massachusetts facilities shut down by the Kentucky-based company Kindred last year. Bedrock would have one nurse per 16 patients, but staffing overall would be closer to one staff member per four patients, Dorval said. “One of the things we recognize is that have a higher prevalence for substance use and trauma-related disorders, and that they are extremely underserved,” Dorval said.

The McLean Signature Recovery Program is a world-class 30-day residential treatment plan for patients addicted to alcohol, opiates, cocaine, and other substances. The program is well-suited for prospective patients who have completed previous programs but have relapsed or have a risk of relapsing.

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They usually cost somewhere between $3,000-$10,000 for a three-month program. However, with insurance, some types of rehab and individual therapy with a counselor can be very affordable, only requiring a co-pay. Another affordable option is group therapy through non-profits or secular organizations like AA or NA, which is free. The cost of rehab can be high, depending on both your location Sobriety and your specific treatment needs. Whether or not you have insurance, you can find help to break free of your addiction. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration , there are 187 substance abuse treatment centers in the Boston area. Many of these organizations strive to provide substance abuse recovery services to residents, regardless of their financial status.

The program is overseen by Harvard Medical School-affiliated clinicians who are experts in substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health disorders. This rehab facility offers patients residential services in a home-like setting. As a resident, the patient is helped with group, individual, and family counseling and medical detox from both drugs and alcohol. Patients are also offered outpatient and aftercare treatment as well as education about their disorder. At Eco Sober House, we facilitate all levels of care, from the beginning of your recovery journey to your ongoing practice upon completion. Here, every client will receive a personalized treatment plan that addresses their specific clinical and medical needs as well as individual and group therapy.

Our Mission is to provide the best continuum of care for men and women, as well as their families, who suffer from the horrors of addiction. NEATC will always strive to offer the highest quality of care not only in the Northeast region but for anyone across the United States. We will do Transitional living this while priding ourselves on a foundation of integrity, transparency, and compassion. I just got out 11 days ago after relapsing shortly after celebrating 3 years in recovery. Keep in mind you won’t see the case manager all that much but it’s not like they are not working for you.

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Calls to this number are answered by CBH, free and without obligation to the consumer. No one who answers the call receives a fee based upon the consumer’s choice to enter treatment.

Our state-of-the-art facility maintains relationships with several local sober living homes, and our team of case managers will work together to place you in a comprehensive aftercare program that best suits your personal needs. Pine Tree Recovery Center’s clients receive individualized treatment plans that are developed specifically to meet their personal needs. Clients will have continuous access to all of the many IOP services we offer throughout the time they spend in treatment and afterwards. We offer alumni programs to those who have been through the Pine Tree IOP program and are looking for long-term support and ongoing encouragement. What sets our program apart from the rest is our unique combination of evidence-based therapeutic modalities and proven holistic approaches to healing. Northeast Addiction treatment center has been nothing short of an absolute amazing experience.

Eco Sober House Price

I have been thru all stages of the program and still stay constantly involved. I entered beaten down and broken and today, work full time have the support of my family back, sponsor multiple people, and most importantly love the person I am today. In the middle are outpatient treatment centers that can provide multiple hours of services per day.

We use multiple treatment models to ensure your individual needs are met with an equal-level of compassion and clinical effectiveness. From Cape Cod to secluded woodland or metropolitan Boston, eco sober house review each of our facilities offer a comfortable setting with individualized treatment plans. Based on an initial assessment, our treatment specialists can help you choose the best location for you.

The agony and discomfort of withdrawal deters many people from seeking treatment. A medical detox program provides comfort, supervision, and support to help you better manage withdrawal symptoms and prepare for inpatient or outpatient treatment. Ark Behavioral Health is accredited by The Joint Commission for addiction treatment services. Our mental and behavioral healthcare experts provide and design treatment Addiction plans with an individualized approach for your specific needs. Fran Rowan Meridian House is in the business of assisting patients in regaining and recapturing their lives without the destructiveness of substance addiction. This is a self-help program whose staff and residents alike are geared towards the end result of becoming and remaining totally drug free by helping each other achieve this goal.

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The Askia Academy and John Flowers Recovery Home are long-term men’s recovery programs that emphasize active community support for a sustained recovery. All of the programs focus on peer support with group therapies, individual counseling, relapse prevention, motivational interviewing, and more. AdCare is a substance abuse center with locations in Worcester, Springfield, and Boston, Massachusetts.

We also offer family programs, family therapy, relapse prevention programs, comprehensive life skills training and a 12-Step immersion including daily 12-Step meetings and step studies. Clients have access to a gym for physical fitness, daily meditation & yoga, bowling trips, dinner and movie, nature walks, life skills and dietary guidance . The mission of Eco Sober House is to provide the best continuum of care for not only adult men and women struggling with addiction, but also their families. NEATC will always strive to offer the highest quality of care in the Northeast region, while priding itself on a foundation of integrity, transparency, and compassion. Furthermore, the center will always provide a nurturing environment for each and every patient that walks through its doors while simultaneously addressing the root causes and conditions affecting the addict/alcoholic.