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Of course, you can also deploy a particular Taskbar configuration with your OS image. Today, we just focus on how to change the Taskbar after you deploy Windows. In today’s post I will show you how to configure the pinned programs on the Windows Taskbar with the help of Group Policy, Registry settings, and logon scripts.

Windows added a feature where the Logon process can read the DefaultPassword from LSA Secrets. LSA Secrets are a protected area of storage used to store internal private data. Data is stored in the registry under HKLM\SECURITY\Policy\Secrets, and this registry key has restricted ACL’s so it is not visible in regedit.exe using a normal user accounts. However, the DefaultPassword key can be decoded by any administrator using a simple Win32 API call. If Windows Sees that AutoAdminLogon is set to 1, and the rest of the registry entries are set, the OS will skip the Logon screen and go to the desktop. First of all you don’t want just anyone to just bypass the first step in security and gain access to the desktop, so don’t use AutoAdminLogon for accounts that are important/sensitive.

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We recommend sorting the Startup apps by their system impact and disabling the ones marked as High (unless you use them frequently enough that it’s worth the wait, of course). On the flip slide, cloud storage services, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive, should run at startup, so your files will stay synced. In terms of operation, Windows 10 is a superior operating system compared to Windows 8 and 7. That said, you still should run a tune-up utility to make sure that your PC runs at peak efficiency.

EaseUS Todo PCTrans can transfer settings, applications and data between PCs and HDDs. Your all-round PC transfer and migrate software to upgrade devices without re-installation. It offers the ability to move your entire user account from your old computer, meaning everything is quickly migrated. You still get to keep your Windows installation , but you also get all your apps, settings, preferences, images, documents and other important data.

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Download and install the latest version of the BIOS for your computer. Some computers with IDT audio controllers might not have full functionality after installing Windows 10. The Windows 10 driver provides audio for the computer, but some features do not work. Microsoft Refresh and Reset might not correctly restore drivers and customizations specific to your HP system. You should only use HP Recovery Manager to restore the factory image, or Go Back to return to Windows 8.1. After Go Back is expired, use HP Recovery Manager and re-install Windows 10 if a recovery is needed.

  • For a year after Windows 10 was initially launched, it was a free upgrade.
  • After then, Windows 10 automatically install drivers.
  • Unlike previous builds, version 1909 is designed primarily as an update rollup version of 1903, focusing primarily on minor feature additions and enhancements.
  • If you have anti-virus software running in your computer, make sure you disable it temporarily too.

It is not just the registry that needs to be revamped. I don’t see how it being endian-specific is an issue, though. It’s not like anybody is moving sections of their registry from their x86 PC to say, Windows RT on an ARM. Which it has done about five times in the last four years for my XP install, by the way. That reason is… it allows Microsoft to make more money. You spent a lot of time cleaning up peoples’ registries because those people have no friggin’ clue what they’re doing with their computer, and they tend to screw things up. I’m not saying the registry is an amazing thing, because it’s not… just that it works well enough in the hands of a techie who understands everything they are doing on the system.

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Once the process is complete, restart your PC in normal mode. This would most probably solve the problem, as this one has helped many users to fix corrupted Registry in Windows 10. Although a Registry Cleanup doesn’t always show a promising result, there’s no harm in trying this method out, as it has worked for some of the users to fix corrupted Registry in Windows 10. Finally, select the required “Admin account” and hit on “Next” button.