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The later lessons also seemed to follow a very similar format where you answer questions or list words and phrases. I wish they would have varied up the exercises a bit as they all looked very much the same after a while. While the content of the classes was quite good, there were some spelling mistakes in the PDFs and there seemed to be very little difference between the conversation and vocabulary classes. Overall, they were very friendly, engaging, and more than happy to explain or go into greater depth on any points that came up during the lessons.

  • Whatever your goal was, if you’re now able to do them, then congratulate yourself and consider it a victory.You have reaped the fruits of your labor.
  • Therefore, Spanish may be a little easier than Portuguese overall.
  • It has sparked a fire in my belly for learning Italian and I like being able to do Lingodeer’s quick and easy lessons around my hectic schedule.
  • However, I notice that the app is not synced to your phone’s clock but some other clock, perhaps that of the server it’s hosted on.
  • In this review, I will focus on the Korean course and give my views on the Chinese one in a later post.

Each theme has 25 to 35 words and 5 to 8 sentences and is richly illustrated with colour photographs. Includes online companion audio recordings by native Mandarin speakers of all the vocabulary and sentences. A fascinating and authentic concept that has been proven to be one of the best ways to learn Chinese. We particularly love that the podcast has an explanation session with a variety of recap and repetitions to aid practice.

Utalk Review: Here’s What It Does (and Doesn’t) Teach You

Free courses are a great way to start learning Japanese, but they usually aren’t comprehensive and they stop at a certain level . The Goethe-Institut is a highly respected cultural institution. Its mission is to share and promote German culture worldwide. This is one of the best courses available for serious German learners. It is very expensive, however, it will give you the proper resources and proper tuition to learn German.

Speed through the playlists on Youtube or get the full experience on the university’s website when you register for free. The nice thing about the KFZ curriculum is that you have the option to choose between a physical textbook or eBook—both work in tandem with audio clips from the website. This is also self-paced, so you LingoDeer can steamroll your way through chapters at a time. The material is comprehensive, straightforward and includes plenty of examples for you to flex your newfound knowledge. If you’re looking to learn Korean , there is a wealth of resources available to the casual as well as avid learner. The Korean language has nearly doubled in popularity among US college students between 2006 and 2016, thanks to the booming interest in K-pop and Korean culture.

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I understand the need for paywalls, particularly in sophisticated apps where there’s a lot of hard work put in by the developers. But there’s also a need to balance that with giving the customer enough to tell whether the product is worth their hard earned dollars. And the alphabet is a poor indicator of what the rest of the system will look like regardless. So the system looks like it might be good but who’s to say since I can’t test it against material I’m not already familiar with? Will every lesson be in a completely different format from the previous one? The best use of Drops app is to learn new Chinese vocabulary.

TenguGo Hangul also has a section in the app called rhythm hangul. FluentU uses native Korean videos and interactive subtitles to teach you Korean through digital immersion. The videos come from across the web and feature snippets from K-dramas, Korean news, commercials, music, and the good ol’ random internet video.