Knowledge Base – Secret Functions Huawei Wear Application For Phones You Didn’t Know Yet | Revealed.

To install APK Pure, all you need to do is sideload the APK Pure app. Once installed, you can search for and install any apps you please. It makes for a very good replacement to the Google Play Store. Easily search for and download selected apps through Huawei Browser. Sign in to the Google Play Store & that’s it’s you can start downloading your Google apps. While HMS is starting to improve day by day, there are still some people who would prefer the reliability and prominence of GMS.

Tap the 10x mode at the bottom of the camera app, then pinch zoom over and over again until you reach 50x. It’ll make the switch automatically if you plug it into a monitor with an HDMI adapter. We tried it with Huawei’s own Matedock 2, but you can find cheaper options online. You’ll see a Windows-like interface on the display, and can then switch to display mirroring (matching what’s on the phone) if you’d prefer. Bluetooth mice and keyboards can then be hooked-up wirelessly.


WiFi Direct is a fast file transfer protocol without cables and without the need for an Internet connection. We could understand it as an improved and more modern version of Bluetooth technology, in which a terminal works directly as an access point. Huawei Share is an immediate file transfer tool between Huawei mobiles, using Bluetooth connection and WiFi Direct technology.

  • In the middle of January, Google and Fitbit formally confirmed the former’s acquisition of the latter.
  • Documents leaked in 2019 revealed that Huawei “secretly helped the North Korean government build and maintain the country’s commercial wireless network,” possibly in violation of international sanctions.
  • The app also comes with diet plans which you are supposed to follow for any goal.
  • Look for the application in your programs under the Start menu of your Windows desktop.

Registered global developers grew up to 1.4 million, an increase of over 115% on year. While the number of uploaded apps featuring HMS Core increased over 60,000 YoY. Huawei devices exclusively with Huawei Mobile Services and its “Core Kits” aims to deliver the alternatives of GMS and libraries for HMS developers. The procedure is probably a bit more advanced than you will have with the apps listed beneath.

Installing The Missing Apps

Google has posted a document on its Android community pages about Huawei’splacement on the Commerce Department’s Entity List in May last year. The note comes ahead of several new Huawei smartphone launches due in the first quarter. Then select your device on the list and make them paired. You need to input the pairing code if they are the first connection with Bluetooth. i rooted my phone to increase internal storage of my phone with link2SD .

Again, there are only a few apps from big-name developers. Wear OS and Tizen both have a fairly limited selection of applications, especially third-party ones. There are a few big names on both platforms, like Spotify, Strava, and Uber, but the vast amount of apps come from smaller third-party developers Download Huawei Wear APK for Android or the OS vendor (Samsung/Google). While Wear OS does offer more aesthetic options, Samsung’s watches are generally regarded as being well-designed. Looks are entirely subjective, so this is one comparison that you’ll have to make for yourself. Most Wear OS watches on the market right now come from Fossil Group and its various sub-brands, including Skagen, Diesel, Misfit, and others.