Leagues are a great way to get out, play, socialize and meet new people!  If you are interested in playing in one of our leagues and don’t have anyone to play with, don’t worry – you are not the only one!  Simply contact one of the Conveners below.

 SUNDAY JUNIOR PROGRAM – 10 AM – Contact Jennifer Aziz at 905-8495776 or jennifer_aziz@hotmail.com

MONDAY NIGHT TRIPLES – 7 PM – Contact Christine Warren at 289-725-0723 or randcwarren@bell.net OR Bill Emond 905-822-2739 at or wemond@bell.net

TUESDAY PAIRS – 5 PM & 7 PM – Contact Tracey Skanes at 905-484-4917 or tracey@axion-skanesinsurance.ca

THURSDAY LADIES’ DAY – 10 AM – Contact Phyllis Gould at 289-795-2904 or phyllgould@gmail.com

THURSDAY MEN’S NIGHT – 7 PM – Contact Chris Curran at 289-838-4425 or ccurran67@hotmail.com

SUNSHINE BOYS – Contact Doug Boocock at 905-827-3913 or dougboo@live.com

GOLDEN GIRLS – Contact Helen Byrnes at 905-337-3037 or hbyrnes@cogeco.ca