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There  are 46+ pages in this website. To navigate around these pages use the main menu to access a page, then within the page use either a button or a link to access additional information relating to the main menu topic.

Buttons access pages within our website. Links access websites or documents that you may print or download for future reference.

Examples of a button and a link are shown at the top of this page; they re-access this page .

A website page consists of:-

a page header showing the page title;

the text relating to the page header;

a page footer showing a site map (which is a list of links to all the pages in the site), a location map, and the date when the site was last updated. 

  • The main menu and its location:

The main menu is a list of the major topics covered in the website – for example  Club News> covers all the information relating to events within the Club.

On a PC or Mac, and some iPads, the leftmost column of the page displays the main menu.

On a Tablet, smaller iPad, or Smart Phone the main menu icon appears at the top of the page; this may be three parallel bars.  Selecting this icon displays the main menu.

Note that page presentations read better when the screen is viewed in landscape mode – i.e. the width of the screen is level with the horizon.

  • Website page:

The page header text indicates the page content – this page’s header text is ‘Navigating our Website‘.

A number of buttons are displayed immediately below the page header – each button identifies another page that contains more information relating to the main menu selection – e.g. Website Notes

The page’s text may include a link– e.g. Navigating our Website.

Selecting a link results in the display of another page, a document, a video, or another website.

document, video or website opens a new browser tab. To return to the original page simply close this new browser tab.

The page footer, at the bottom of each page, displays a site map, a google map, and the date and time of the last website update.

The site map is a list of links to the pages in this website – e.g. Website Notes - Navigation

The google map links to Google’s map site and shows the geographic location of our Club.

  • A note on ​links that display a document in a new browser tab:

Documents are saved as PDFs (Portable Document Files).  To be able to display PDFs your web browser needs to have a PDF Reader app enabled. This is normally a default setting in the browser’s Settings and/or Extensions. Adobe Acrobat is a commonly used PDF app that may be downloaded and enabled in the browser settings.

  • A note on the Google Map link:

Google Map image is displayed in the Club News page header and in each page footer. Selecting this map image expands the map into an interactive map which overlays the current page. To return to the original page simply select any area that is outside the map’s margins.

Selecting the ‘View Larger Map’ text, from within the map image, opens a new browser tab to display a full screen map. To return to the original page simply close this new browser tab.

  • A note on Organisation and Sponsor Logos:
  OLBA Logo

In most cases selecting the Logo will open a new browser tab and display the associated website. The logo shown above displays the OLBA website.