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You can find on this site the Qibla angle of all countries and cities to use for the compass. We assume you have learned the Qibla angle for the city you are in. We must rotate the compass until the coloured needle of the compass coincides with the North in the compass holder. Stop when North coincides with the compass needle. Then find the Qibla angle of the city you are in on the compass clockwise from North .

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They have the same operation as the classic .exe files found in Windows. We click on them and an application will be installed on your device. The 100 Qibla Finder for Android .apk files are applications for Android , similar to the .exe in Windows.

Moreover, users can calculate the timings of the prayers for their specific city in just a few easy and simple steps. The app provides calculations based on the method and locations of its users. Qibla Compass is an app that Thor Apps offers to its respected users. The app shares with users the direction of the Kaaba located in the city of Mecca with an arrow pointing on the direction in the app. Digital Qibla Finder is an app from the category of tools.

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The exact qibla direction depends on the location in Afghanistan. The Qibla direction in Tunisia is generally East. The exact qibla direction depends on the location in Tunisia. The Qibla direction in Morocco is generally East. The exact qibla direction depends on the location in Morocco. The Qibla direction in Algeria is generally East.