Junior Report 2022

This year we had 14 juniors: 2 nine years, 2 eleven, 5 twelve, 3 thirteen, two 14 years old. Eleven of these juniors have attained their level 3 in our testing programmme which means that they have a  good, if not excellent grasp of the rules, etiquette, strategy of the game as well as have the ability to compete well in tournaments.

We entered four girls and three boys in this year’s Provincials  with Ella Conlin winning Gold and Ella Hammond winning Silver in the girls division and Jack Reistetter getting a Bronze in the boys division.

We then went on to play in the Nationals which were held in Port Credit this year with six girls and one boy. Our team stood out with their exemplary sportsmanship and skill, plus the fact that our Club had the largest entry in the country. We were definitely envied as having one of the best junior programs in the country. Congratulations goes to Ella Conlin who won a Bronze , Ella Hammond and Dekker Ly who placed fourth and Hannah Haviland who placed 5th.

Our juniors played in our Club Novice Cahmpionships where the girls placed 4,6, 8 and 9 out of 15 entries and our two boys placed 5th and 7th out of 16 entries. Four of them represented our club at the District Championships.

Congratulations goes to Dekker Ly, Ella Conlin and Ella Hammond who have asked to be on the National Youth Training Squad for 2023.

With encouragement, many of our juniors have participated in open Tournaments in Milton, Burlington and Port Credit  where they were received with great enthusiasm from the adults.

A huge thank you goes to my coaching team of Anne Wilkinson, Joy Barbisan, Cathy Kuhrt and Patrick Cote who have been coaching these youth since we started the programme in 2017.

My hope next year is to have these young players integrated with our adult members in all the club events: leagues, in club tournaments, jitneys, Club Championships. Not only could they learn from the adults, but the adults could learn from them as well.

Junior Club Championships

2022 Junior Club Championships – Girls Singles Champion : Hannah Haviland

2022 Junior Club Championships – Girls Singles 2nd: Veronica McLean

2022 Junior Club Championships – Girls Singles 3rd: Rebecca Coon

2022 Junior Club Championships – Boys Singles Champion: Jack Reistetter

2022 Junior Club Championships – Boys Singles 2nd: Declan Lambert

2022 Junior Club Championships – Boys Singles 3rd: Dekker Ly

2022 Junior Club Champions: Hannah Haviland and Jack Reistetter

2022 Mixed Pairs Champions: Rebecca Coon and Dekker Ly

2022 Mixed Pairs Silver: Ella Conlin and Julian Pividor 



2022 Mixed Pairs Bronze: Declan Lambert and Ella Hammond





2022 Junior Nationals

The 2022 Youth Nationals concluded Saturday August 6th with three medals for our club:

U18 Girls 4th: Ella Hammond

U18 Girls Bronze: Ella Conlin

U18 Boys 4th: Dekker Ly

Ella Conlin: Bronze Nationals, Dekker Ly and Ella Hammond 4th Nationals

And a special mention to our first-year bowler, Hannah Haviland, who placed 5th in U18 Girls.

We are all so proud of your accomplishments! 

A special thank you to our coaches: Jennifer Aziz, Anne Wilkinson, Cathy Kuhrt, Joy Barbisan and Patrick Cote. 

We look forward to an even better year in 2023.


Youth U18 Provincials 2022 Results

Click here for results and pictures



Congratulations to all our Junior bowlers who participated in the 2021 Back to Bowls Provincial Tournament!

2021 Junior Pairs Championship Results!!


Congratulations to 1st Place Ella and Ella

Congratulations to 2nd Place Riley and Veronica

Congratulations to 3rd Madison and Lexy


Congratulations to 1st Place Jack and Dekker

Congratulations to 2nd Place Ben and Declan

Congratulations to 3rd Place Marco and Liam


2021 Junior Singles Championship Results!!


Congratulations to 1st Place

Congratulations to 2nd Place Veronica

Congratulations to 3rd Place Rebecca


Congratulations to 1st Place Jack

Congratulations to 2nd Place Ben

Congratulations to 3rd Place Declan

Some of 2021 Juniors Program participants in action