Lawn Bowling is similar in concept to Curling; some colloquially call it¬†‘Curling on grass’.¬†It’s a strategic game with many modified¬†forms of play and the biased bowling ball takes a curved path. The best part is that it’s played outdoors¬†in the Summer, mostly on good weather days, in a¬†pleasant location. So Bowlers get fresh air, exercise, and enjoy a social Club environment.

Throughout the Season we welcome both new bowlers and experienced bowlers, and offer opportunities to Lawn Bowl in Social Bowling Events, Club Leagues and Competitive Events. We also host Inter-District Exchange events with the Grimsby and Port Credit Lawn Bowling Clubs.

For new bowlers our free New Bowler Training Program takes players from starting at the absolute basics through to being able to enjoy a competitive game. In addition, training and practice sessions provided at the beginning of the season are followed by on-going coaching and friendly help throughout the year. To achieve the best results new bowlers, and occasionally experienced bowlers, need to find a set of Bowls that allow them to enjoy playing and obtain satisfactory results. This takes time, so, in the first year of play, we offer free use of our supply of Club Bowls.

For both experienced bowlers, and newcomers, we host Club, Inter-Club, and Provincial Tournaments as well as a variety of daily Social Bowling activities and Club Leagues.

Dress Code

The Dress Code for Social Events is usually Casual attire, while Whites or Team Colours are often requested for Club Championships and Inter-club Tournaments; although the OLBA (Ontario Lawn Bowling Association) and Bowls Canada are gradually moving away from specific dress codes.

Since our Bowling Green surface is grass, as are most other Greens, wearing flat-soled footwear, without heels, and having a minimal tread is essential. Court Shoes and Boat Shoes usually fit this requirement.

Our Bowling Season

The Season runs from May to October, six or seven days a week, with a variety of Bowling activities that are suitable for everyone. Each Bowler decides the activities in which they want to participate, how often and when. On most days of the week the schedule includes morning, afternoon and evening activities.  

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