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  • Club Members –

Please go directly to Club Member News.

  • Our 2018 Lawn Bowling Season commenced May 12 – if you are interested in becoming a member of The Oakville Lawn Bowling Club or renewing in 2018 please read on:

If you want to take either of these actions please review this and other pages for details of club activities, how to become a member, who to contact, information on developing your bowling skills, and links to other web site resources including the OLBA (Ontario Lawn Bowling Association) and BCB (Bowls Canada Boulingrin).

To join us, please complete this 2018 New Member Application form and bring it to our Club House whenever any event is scheduled.

  • New To Lawn Bowling?

Visit us at any time during the Season, and we will introduce you to Lawn Bowling, answer any questions, and, if you wish, help you experience Lawn Bowling using the Club’s Bowls.

View the Event Calendars page to discover when Members will be at the Club House. In addition please check out the New Bowler Information page which describes the help we provide, the schedule for new bowler training and ongoing training through the season. And check out this introductory video on the Bowls Canada website.

  • Experienced Lawn Bowler?

You are welcome at any time during the 2018 Season to bowl and to socialise with Club Members old and new.

  ** For notes on using the website select the link – Navigating Our Website **